Elmenhorst, Geverhart

, a learned commentator of the seventeenth century, was a native of Hamburgh, and acquired very considerable fame as a critic. He published, with notes, 1. “Arnobii disputationes adversus Gentes,” Hamburgh, 1610, fol. 2. “Gennadius de dogmatibus Ecclesise, ibid. 1614, 4to. 3. Sidonii Apollinaris Opera,| N. from Westphalia to the German Ocean, between Holland on the W. and Saxony on the E.; the…">Hanover, 1617, 8vo. 4. “Cebetis tabula cum versione et uotis Jo. Caselii,Leyden, 1618, 4to. 5. “Apuleii Platonic! Opera omnia,” Francfort, 1621, 8vo, and an edition in fol. of Minucius F. I., St., Pope from 269 to 274, said to have been a victim of the persecution of Aurelius; F. II., Pope from 356 to 357, the first anti-pope having been elected in place of…">Felix. He died in 1621. 1


Gen. Dict.—Moreri.—Saxii Onomast.