Pulmannus, Theodore

, properly Poelman, a Dutch commentator on the classics, was born at Cranenbourg, in the Dutchy of Cleves, about 1510. He was bred a fuller, but by diligent application became an able scholar, critic, and grammarian. He principally applied himself to the correction of the Latin poets from ancient manuscripts, and superintended some good editions of them at the press of Plantin. He published in 1551 Arator’s History of the Acts of the Apostles in Latin hexameters, with his own corrections of the text. Virgil, Lucan, Juvenal, Horace, Ausonius, Claudian, Terence, Suetonius, and Esop’s | Fables, were also edited by him, and the works of St. Paulinus. He is supposed to have died about 1580, at Salamanca, but the cause which led him so far from home we cannot assign. 1