, or Corridor, in Fortification, is the covert-way lying round about the whole compass of the works of a place, between the outside of the moat and the pallisadoes, being about 20 yards broad.

Coridor is also used, in Architecture, for a gallery. or long aile, around a building, leading to several chambers at a distance from each other, sometimes wholly inclosed, and sometimes open on one side.

CORINTHIAN Order, of Architecture, is the 4th in order, or the 5th and last according to Scamozzi and Le Clerc.

This order was invented by an Athenian Architect, and is the richest and most delicate of them all; its capital being adorned with rows of leaves, and of 8 volutas, which support the abacus. The height of its column is 10 diameters, and its cornice is supported by modillions.

CORNEA Tunica, the second coat of the eye; so called from its substance resembling the horn of a lantern. This is situated in the fore-part; and is surrounded by the sclerotica. It has a greater convexity than the re<*> of the eye, and is a portion of a small sphere, or rather spheroid, and consolidates the whole eye.

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Entry taken from A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary, by Charles Hutton, 1796.

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