DIGGES (Leonard)

, a considerable mathematician in the 16th century, was descended from an ancient family, and born at Digges-court in the parish of Barham in Kent; but in what year is not known; and died about the year 1574. He was educated for some time at Oxford, where he laid a good foundation of learning. Retiring from thence, he prosecuted his studies, and became an excellent mathematician, a skilful architect, and an expert surveyor of land, &c. He composed several books: as, 1. Tectonicum: briefly shewing the exact Measuring, and speedy Reckoning of all manner of Lands, Squares, Timber, Stones, Steeples, &c; 1556, 4to. Augmented and published again by his son Thomas Digges, in 1592; and also reprinted in 1647. —2. A Geometrical Practical Treatise, named Pantometria, in three books. This he left in manuscript; but after his death, his son supplied such parts of it as were obscure and imperfect, and published it in 1591, folio; subjoining, “A Discourse Geometrical of the sive regular and Platonic bodies, containing sundry theoretical and practical propositions, arising by mutual conference of these solids, Inseription, Circumscription, and Transformation.”—3. Prognostication Everlasting of right good effect: or Choice Rules to judge the Weather by the Sun, Moon, and Stars, &c; in 4to. 1555, 1556, and 1564: corrected and augmented by his son, with divers general tables, and many compendious rules, in 4to, 1592.

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Entry taken from A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary, by Charles Hutton, 1796.

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