, in Astronomy, the motion and other phenomena of a planet, when direct.


, in Astrology, is a kind of calculus, by which they pretend to find the time in which any notable accident shall befall the person whose horoscope is drawn.

For instance, having established the sun, moon, or ascendant, as masters or significators of life; and Mars or Saturn as promisers or portenders of death; the direction is a calculation of the time in which the significator shall meet the portender.

The significator they likewise call apheta, or giver of life; and the promiser, anereta, promissor, or giver of death.

They work the directions of all the principal points of the heavens and stars, as the ascendant, mid-heaven, sun, moon, and part of fortune. The like is done for the planets and fixed stars; but all differently, according to the different authors.

Line of Direction, in Gunnery, is the direct line in which a piece is pointed. Sometimes a line of direction is marked on the upper side of the gun, by a small notch or slit, or knob, in the base and muzzle rings: but, unless the two wheels of the carriage stand equally high, this line will be fallacious; for which reason the gunners commonly find a new line of direction every time, by means of a plummet.

Line of Direction, in Mechanics, denotes the line in which a body moves, or endeavours to proceed.

Angle of Direction, is that comprehended between the lines of direction of two conspiring powers.

Quantity of Direction, is used for the product arising from multiplying the velocity of the common centre of gravity, in a system of bodies, by the sum of their masses. In the collision of bodies the quantity of direction is the same both before and after the impulse.

Direction of the Load Stone, that property by which the magnet, or a needle touched by it, always presents one of its ends toward one of the poles of the world, and the opposite end to the other pole. This is also called the polarity of the magnet or needle.

The attractive property of the magnet was known long before its directive; and the directive long before the inclinatory.

Number of Direction, is the number of days that Septuagesima Sunday falls after the 17th of January. See Number.

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Entry taken from A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary, by Charles Hutton, 1796.

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