HESSE (William Prince of)

, rendered his name immortal by his encouragement of learning, by his studies, and by his observations, for many years, of the celestial bodies. For this purpose, he erected an observatory at Cassel, and furnished it with good instruments, well adapted to that design; calling also to his assistance two eminent artists, Christopher Rothmann and Juste Byrge. His observations, which are of a very curious nature, were published at Leyden, in the year 1618, by Willebrord Snell; and are in part mentioned by Tycho Brahe, as well in his epistles as in the 2d volume of his Progymnasmata; a signal example to all princely and heroic minds, to undertake the promoting the arts of peace, and advancing this truly noble and celestial science. This prince died in the year 1597.

HETERODROMUS Vectis, or Lever, in Mechanics, a lever in which the fulcrum, or point of suspension, is between the weight and the power; being the same as what is otherwise called a lever of the first kind.

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Entry taken from A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary, by Charles Hutton, 1796.

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* HESSE (William Prince of)