JURIN (Dr. James)

, a very distinguished person in several walks of literature, particularly medicine, mathematics, and philosophy, which he cultivated with equal success. He was secretary of the Royal Society in London, as well as president of the College of Physicians there, at the time of his death, which happened March 22, 1750.

Doctor Jurin was author of several ingenious compositions; particularly “an Essay upon Distinct and In-|

distinct Vision;” printed at the end of the 2d volume of Dr. Smith's System of Optics; also several controversial papers; against Michellotti, upon the momentum of running waters; against Robins, upon distinct vision; and against the partisans of Leibnitz, upon the forces of moving bodies; &c. His papers inserted in the Philos. Trans. are the following:

1. On the Suspension of Water in Capillary Tubes: vol. 30, p. 739.

2. Observations on the Motion of Running Water: p. 748.

3. On an old Roman Inscription: p. 813.

4. A Discourse on the Power of the Heart: p. 863 and 929.

5. On the Specisic Gravity of Human Blood: p. 1000.

6. Defence of his Doctrine of the Power of the Heart against the Objections of Dr. Keill: p. 1039.

7. On the Action of Glass-Tubes upon Water and Quicksilver: p. 1083.

8. On the Specific Gravity of Solids when weighed in Water: vol. 31, p. 223.

9. On the Motion of Running Water, against Michellotti: vol. 32, p. 179.

10. Remarkable Instance of the Small-pox: vol. 32, p. 191.

11. Inoculated and Natural Small-pox compared: vol. 32, pa. 213.

12. On Meteorological Diaries: vol. 32, p. 422.

13. On the Measure and Motion of Running Water: vol. 41, p. 5 and 65.

14. Meteorological Observations in Charles Town: vol. 42, p. 491.

15. On the Action of Springs: vol. 43, p. 46.

16. On the Force of Bodies in Motion: p. 423.

17. Dynamic Principles, or Meteorological Principles of Mechanics: vol. 66, p. 103.


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Entry taken from A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary, by Charles Hutton, 1796.

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* JURIN (Dr. James)