, a term in Navigation, signifying that side, or quarter, towards which the wind blows.

Lee-Way, of a Ship, is the angle made by the point of the compass steered upon, and the real line of the ship's way, occasioned by contrary winds and a rough sea.

All ships are apt to make some lee-way; so that something must be allowed for it, in casting up the log-board. But the lee-way made by different ships, under similar circumstances of wind and sails, is different; and even the same ship, with different lading, and having more or less sail set, will have more or less lee-way. The usual allowances for it are these, as they were given by Mr. John Buckler to the late ingenious Mr. William Jones, who first published them in 1702 in his Compendium of Practical Navigation. 1st, When a ship is close-hauled, has all her sails set, the sea smooth, and a moderate gale of wind, it is then supposed she makes little or no lee-way. 2d, Allow one point, when it blows so fresh that the small sails are taken in. 3d, Allow two points, when the topsail must be close reefed. 4th, Allow two points and a half, when one topsail must be handed. 5th, Allow three points and a half, when both topsails must be taken in. 6th, Allow four points, when the fore-course is handed. 7th, Allow five points, when trying under the mainsail only. 8th, Allow six points, when both main and fore-courses are taken in.| 9th, Allow seven points, when the ship tries a-hull, or with all sails handed.

When the wind has blown hard in either quarter, and shifts across the meridian into the next quarter, the lee-way will be leffened. But in all these cases, respect must be had to the roughness of the sea, and the trim of the ship. And hence the mariner will be able to correct his course.

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Entry taken from A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary, by Charles Hutton, 1796.

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