, in Geometry, is the drawing or delineating the fore-right plan or side of any object, and of expressing the heights or elevations of every part. Being so called from its determining things by perpendicular right lines falling on the geometrical plan; or rather, because all the horizontal lines are here straight and parallel, and not oblique as in representations of perspective.


, in Architecture, is the profile or elevation of a building, shewing all the parts in their true proportion. This is either external or internal.

External Orthography, is a delineation of the outer face or front of a building; shewing the principal wall with its apertures, roof, ornaments, and every thing visible to an eye placed before the building. And

Internal Orthography, called also a Section, is a delineation or draught of a building, such as it would appear if the external wall were removed.


, in Fortification, is the profile, or | representation of a work; or a draught so conducted, as that the length, breadth, height, and thickness of the several parts are expressed, such as they would appear, if it were perpendicularly cut from top to bottom.

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Entry taken from A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary, by Charles Hutton, 1796.

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