Aldus Manutius

. This celebrated printer was born in 1449, at Bassiano, in the duchy of Sermonetta. He received a liberal education, and on the completion of his studies became preceptor to the Prince of Carpi, nephew of Picus of Mirandola. In 1488 he set up a printing-office at Venice, and the first book that issued from his press was the Greek poem of Musæus, with a Latin version in 410. This was followed by a number of valuable works, and the house of Aldus was the resort of learned men from all parts of Europe, among whom was Erasmus, who resided there a considerable time, while publishing his “Adagia.” Aldus died Feb­ruary 3, 1515. He was the author of a Latin grammar ; a treatise, “De Metris Horatianis;” and a Greek dictionary.

Taken from Gesta Typographica by Chas. Jacobi, 1897, page 32.

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