Benjamin Franklin

. This most prominent American philosopher and statesman was born at Boston, New England, January 6, 1706. He was well educated under his father, who was a tallow-chandler and soap-boiler, and after being engaged in that businefs he was bound to his father’s elder brother, a printer. A difference with his uncle removed him from New York to Philadelphia, where he was noticed by the governor, Keith, and encouraged to set up in business for himself. With this view he came to London; but soon discovered that the promises of his patron were the unmeaning professions of polished life, and, after working as a journeyman printer, he, in 1726, returned to Philadelphia. He began business, and pub­lished a periodical paper, which was read with avidity. He was married in 1730, and the next year he began the public library of Philadelphia. After this he devoted himself to the interests of his country, being instrumental in bringing about the Declaration of Independ­ence. He died April 17, 1790, and his country­men ordered, on this occasion, a public mourn­ing for two months.

Taken from Gesta Typographica by Chas. Jacobi, 1897, page 25.

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