Joha Baptist Bodoni

. This celebrated printer of Parma was, no doubt, the most distinguished in his profession during the eighteenth century. He was bom at Saluzzo in the Sardinian states, February 16, 1740, of a respectable but humble family. He learned the rudiments of his art in the office of his father. At eighteen years of age a desire to improve his condition induced him to undertake a journey to Rome. There he visited the printing house of the Propaganda. His general demeanour and vivacity attracted the notice of the abbate Ruggieri, the super­intendent of that establishment, and he was engaged there as a workman. In 1766 the suicide of Ruggieri rendered Bodoni’s longer stay at Rome insupportable from regret. He accepted an offer, made by the Marquis de Felino, whereby he was placed at the head of the press intended to be established at Parma, and settled there in 1768. Hence he issued some beautiful specimens of his art. His most sumptuous work was his Homer, in three volumes folio, printed in 1808. He was a sufferer from gout, to which a fever was at last superadded, which terminated the life of this eminent typographer in 1813.

Taken from Gesta Typographica by Chas. Jacobi, 1897, page 28.



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