The First Edition of the New Testament in Greek

. This was published in 1516 by John Froben, at Basle. The design of publishing this edition originated with Froben, who en­gaged Erasmus as the editor; for Beatus Rhenanus, who was for some time one of the correctors of Froben’s press, in a letter addrefsed to Erasmus, dated April 17th, 1515, makes the proposal, in the following terms: “Petit Frobenius abs te `Novum Testamentum’ pro quo tantum se daturum pollicetur, quantum alius quisquam”: “Froben requests you to undertake the `New Testament,’ for which he promises to give you as much as any other person.” During the time he was employed upon it, Erasmus lodged in the house of Froben, as appears from the subscription at the end of the first edition, which is, “Basiliæ, in ædibus Johannis Frobenii Hammelburgensis, Mense Februario, anno MDXVI.”

Taken from Gesta Typographica by Chas. Jacobi, 1897, page 31.

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The First Edition of the New Testament in Greek

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