The Scriptures were first written on skins

, linen cloth, or papyrus, and rolled up as we do engravings. The Old Testament was written in the old Hebrew character---an offshoot of the Phoenician. It was a symbol language as written, and the vowel sound supplied by the voice. The words ran together in a continuous line. After the Hebrew became a dead lan­guage, vowels were supplied to preserve usage, which was passing away. After the Babylonish captivity, the written Hebrew was modified by the Aramaic, and schools of reading taught the accent and emphasis. Then came the separation of words from each other, then division into verses.

Taken from Gesta Typographica by Chas. Jacobi, 1897, page 10.

About the Letters J and W


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About the Letters J and W

The Scriptures were first written on skins

The first iron printing-press


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