The Stanhope Press

. This was the invention of the patriotic nobleman whose name it bears, and which will be handed down to posterity. After many expensive and laborious experi­ments he succeeded, with the assistance of a very ingenious mechanist (the late Mr. Walker) in bringing it to a state of perfection. The first press was finished in 1800, and its powers were tried at the office of William Bulmer (the Shakespeare Press) in Cleveland Row, St. James’s, London. In the formation of his iron press Earl Stanhope must have found many useful hints in M. Anisson’s “Premier Mémoire sur l’Impression en Lettres, suivi de la Descrip­tion d’une Nouvelle Presse executée pour le Service du Roi,” in which he says: “Je me suis attaché principalement à rendre son action et ses mouvemens les plus indépendans qu’il m’a été possible du maniement déréglé des ouvriers auxquels elle est confiée.” This has been particularly attended to in the Stanhope press, and nothing is left to the judgment of the pressman but the colouring.

Taken from Gesta Typographica by Chas. Jacobi, 1897, page 26.

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The first book printed in Europe

The Stanhope Press

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