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The Printers' Vocabulary

A collection of some 2500 technical terms, phrases, abbreviations and other expressions mostly relating to Letterpress Printing many of which have been in use since the time of Caxton

By Charles Thomos Jacobi
Compiler of “the Printers’ Handbook, etc.”

The Chiswick Press, 21 Tooks Court
Chancery Lane

I (Liam Quin) have made this online edition using a combination of OCR and hand editing where necessary.

The text was published in 1888; not all the terms have the same (or even similar) meanings today.

You are welcome to link to these pages, but I would advise against copying the text onto places like Wikipedia unless you add a clear explanation of the source.

Questions or comments? Contact liam at holoweb dot net, mentioning the colour of your socks in the subject line to get past spam filters, e.g. Socks: orange; printers vocabulary question.