Tennyson, Alfred, Lord (18091892)

Tennyson, Alfred, Lord, poet-laureate, born at Somersby, in Lincolnshire, son of a clergyman, and of aristocratic descent; was educated at the grammar school of Louth and at Trinity College, Cambridge, which latter he left without taking a degree; having already devoted himself to the “Ars Poetica,” an art which he cultivated more and more all his life long; entered the university in 1828, and issued his first volume of poems in 1830, though he had four years previously contributed to a small volume conjointly with a brother; to the poems of 1830 he added others, and published them in 1833 and 1842, after which, endowed by a pension from the Civil List of £200, he produced the “Princess” in 1847, and “In Memoriam” in 1850; was in 1851 appointed to the laureateship, and next in that capacity wrote his “Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington”; in 1855 appeared his “Maud,” in 1859 the first four of his “Idylls of the King,” which were followed by “Enoch Arden” and the “Northern Farmer” in 1864, and by a succession of other pieces too numerous to mention here; he was raised to the peerage in 1884 on the recommendation of Mr. Gladstone; he was a poet of the ideal, and was distinguished for the exquisite purity of his style and the harmony of his rhythm; had a loving veneration for the past, and an adoring regard for everything pure and noble, and if he indulged in a vein of sadness at all, as he sometimes did, it was when he saw, as he could not help seeing, the feebler hold regard for such things had on the men and women of his generation than the worship of Mammon; Carlyle thought affectionately but plaintively of him, “One of the finest-looking men in the world,” he writes to Emerson; “never had such company over a pipe!... a truly interesting son of earth and son of heaven ... wanted a task, with which that of spinning rhymes, and naming it 'art' and 'high art' in a time like ours, would never furnish him” (18091892).

Definition taken from The Nuttall Encyclopædia, edited by the Reverend James Wood (1907)

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