, a Greek geographer. It is not certain at what time he lived; but he was posterior to Ptolomy, and placed by Saxius and others in the third century. The only work of his now known is an abridgement of geography, entitled “Hypotyposes Geographies?;” the first edition of which is that of Tennulius, Gr. Lat. Amsterdam, 1671, 8vo. It is also inserted among the ancient geographers in Gronovius’s edition, Leyden, 4to, 1697 and 1700; and lastly, in Hudson’s “Geographi minores,” vol. II. | This little work, which contains several particulars which have escaped Strabo and other celebrated geographers, is nevertheless in a very imperfect state. It is a series of lessons dictated to one Philo; but what is taught in the first book is repeated in the second, with so many contradictions and obscurities, that one can scarcely suppose this second part to be the production of the same author. Even the first part seems composed of two fragments not very accurately placed together. 1


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