Agreda, Maria D'

, a singular impostor and enthusiast, the daughter of Francis Coronel, was born at Agreda in 1602. Her father made his house a convent of female Cordeliers, under the name of The Immaculate Conception, and his wife and daughters made profession. Maria was elected superior of the convent, and died there in 1665, after having written “The Mystical City of God,” which contains a life of the blessed Virgin, full of absurdity and impiety. Yet it was printed at Lisbon, at Madrid, at Perpignan, and at Antwerp, and at last translated into French by father Crozet, and printed at Brussels, 3 vols. 4to, and 8 vols. 8vo. The doctors of the Sorbonne condemned it; but their sentence was not allowed to be promulgated in Spain, where this work was highly popular. 2


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