Almodovar, Duke D'

, a diplomatic character, deserves some notice here, as a man of literature, although we know but little of his personal history. After having been ambassador from the court of Spain to the courts of Petersburg!!, Lisbon, and St. James’s, he filled an honourable station at Madrid, where he employed 'his leisure hours in lite ary pursuits. In 1781, he published a kind of journal, entitled “Decada Epistolen,” where he gave periodical accounts of French works, &c. He then, | under the name of Malode Luque, undertook a translation of the abbé Raynal’s celebrated philosophical and political history of the two Indies, a work proscribed in Spain, and consequently almost unknown, and he made such alterations as satisfied the inquisition itself that it would not be a dangerous publication. He died at Madrid in 1794. 1

1 Biog. Universelle.