Alstroemer, Claude

, son of the preceding, was born in 1736, studied natural history, and was a pupil of Linnseus. He travelled over a considerable part of Europe, beginning with Spain, whence he sent some plants to Linnæus, who mentions him in his “Species plantaruni.” On landing at Cadiz, he saw in the house of the Swedish consul the flowers of a plant, a native of Peru. Struck with their beauty, he asked and obtained some seeds, which he immediately dispatched to Linnseus, with whom they succeeded, and became generally cultivated under the name of the lily of Alstroetner, or of the Incas. Linnæus perpeiuated the name by -Galling the genus Alstrpemeria. Alstroemer communicated with several societies for agriculture and natural history, but one paper only is mentioned of his in the memoirs of the academy of Stockholm, giving a description of the Simia Mammon, a species of, ape. He died in 1794. 2