Andrew, Yves Mary

, a French Jesuit, born May 22, 1675, at Chateaulin in the comte de Cornouailles, the country which produced the pere Ardouin, and pere Bougeant, and like them was received into the order of Jesuits. He settled himself at Caen, in the chair of professor regius of the mathematics, which he filled from 1726 to 1759; when, having attained the age of eighty-four, he found it necessary to seek repose. His laborious life was terminated Feb. 26, 1764. Nature had endowed him with a happy constitution, and he preserved it unimpaired by the regularity of his life, and the gaiety of his temper. No species of literature was foreign to him; he succeeded in the mathematical chair, and he wrote lively and elegant verses; but he is chiefly known by “Essai sur le Beau,” of which a new edition was given in the collection of his works in 1766, 5 vols. 12mo, edited by the abbé Guyot. It is composed with order and taste, has novelty in its subject, dignity in its style, and force enough in its argument. Much esteem is bestowed on his “Traitesur PHomme,” in which he philosophises concerning the union of the soul with the body, in a manner which made him be suspected of an innovating spirit. He was a great, admirer of Mallebranche, and corresponded with, him for many years. 2


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