Anstis, John

, esq. LL.D. and F.A.S. eldest son and heir of the preceding, succeeded by virtue of the grant passed in 1727. He had been educated as a gentleman commoner at Corpus Christi college in Oxford. At the revival of the order of the Bath he was made genealogist and registrar. He was presented by Dr. Brookes, regius professor of civil law in Oxford, with the degree of LL.D. April 22, 1749, being the opening of the Radcliffe Library. July 21, 1736, he had been elected a member of the Society of Antiquaries. The margrave of Anspach, when invested with the order of the garter, presented him with 300 ducats, the gold-hilted sword his highness then wore, and gave him 100 ducats in lieu of his upper robe, which Garter claimed as belonging to him, by virtue of his office. He spent most of his time at Mortlake, where, indulging himself too freely with wine, it shortened his life, dying there December 5, 1754, aged only forty-six. He was undoubtedly a man of abilities, but harsh in his temper, especially towards the members of the college. Never having married, his brother, the Rev. George Anstis, became his heir. The manuscripts and well-chosen collection of books which had been possessed by his father were disposed of at his death. 1


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