Audoul, Gaspard

, a native of Provence, went to Paris in his youth, there studied law, and became a member of the counsel of the house of Orleans. In 1708 he published a work entitled “Traite de Porigine de la Regale, et des causes de son etablissement,” 4to, in eight books, in which he had introduced a dissertation on the authenticity of canon 22 distinct. 63 of the first part of the canon law, which had been rejected by Baronius and Bellarmin, and some other able writers, even in France. The consequence was, that his work was condemned in a brief of pope Clement XI. in 1710, and this censure was repealed a few months after by a sentence of the parliament of Paris. These circumstances contributed not a little to the reputation of the author, who is said to have died the year following. 2