Audran, Benoit

was the second son of Germain Audran, and was born at Lyons in 1661, where be learned the first principles of design and engraving, under the instruction of his father. But soon after going to Paris, his uncle Gerard took him under his tuition, and Bcnoit so greatly profited by his instructions, that though | he never equalled the sublime style of his tutor, yet he acquired, and deservedly, great reputation. His manner was founded upon the bold, clear style of his uncle. His outlines were firm and determined his drawing correct the heads of his figures are in general very expressive and the other extremities well marked. He was honoured with the appellation of the king’s engraver, and received the royal pension. He was made an academician, and admitted into the council in 1715. He died unmarried at Louzouer, where he had an estate, in 1721.