Bailzie, William

, M. D. a physician of the fifteenth century, was a native of Scotland, and after being educated in his native country, went to Italy, where he studied medicine with such reputation as to be made rector, and afterwards professor of medicine in the university of Bologne, about the year 1484. In his theory, he adopted the Galenic system in preference to the empiric, and wrote “Apologia pro Galeni doctrina contra Empiricos,” Lyons, 1552, 8vo. Dempster says that he returned to Scotland before his death, the date of which is not mentioned. Mackenzie thinks he also wrote a book published in 1600, 8vo, “De Quantitate Syllabarum Græcarum, et de Dialectis.2


Mackenzie’s Scots Writers, principally from Dempster.—Tanner.