Beau, John Lewis Le

, younger brother to the above, professor of rhetoric in the college of the Grassins, and member of the academy of inscriptions, was born at Paris, March 8, 1721, and died March J2, 1766. He filled with distinguished merit the functions of academician and professor. He is author of a discourse in which, after having shewn the pernicious effects of poverty to men of letters, and what dangers they have to dread from riches, he concludes, that the state of a happy mediocrity is the fittest for them. He published an edition of “Homer,Greek and Latin, 2 vols. 1746; and the “Orations of Cicero,| in 3 vols. 1750. To both he has subjoined copious annotations, and wrote several papers in the Memoirs of the academy. 1