Brown, Lancelot

, an eminent horticulturist, and, from a word often employed by him in laying out gardens, called Capability Brown ,*


There was another garden-surveyor of the same name, and a contemporary, who by way of distinction was called Sense Brown.

was born at Kirkharle, in Northumberland, Aug. 1715. Of his education we have no account, but he came early in life to the metropolis, and was employed by lord Cobham in improving the grounds at Stowe; and afterwards at Richmond, Blenheim, Luton, Wimbledon, Nuneham, &c. where he improved ornamental gardening in a very high degree, and approached more nearly to nature than his predecessors. In these operations he frequently discovered a very highly cultivated taste, and may be said to have led the fashion in | horticulture for nearly half a century. He associated also with familiarity with many of his noble and opulent employers, and realized a handsome fortune. In 1770 he served the office of high sheriff for the counties of Huntingdon and Cambridge. He died suddenly in Hertfordstreet, May-fair, Feb. 6, 1783, being at that time head gardener to his majesty, at Hampton-court. 1
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