Buschetto Da Dulichio

, an architect of the eleventh century, was a native of the isle of Dulichio, and built the cathedral of Pisa, which still passes for one of the finest in all Italy, in the gothic style. Buschetto was a great machinist; and could move the heaviest loads with a very small force. It is marked on his tomb, “that ten girls could lift by his method, weights which a thousand | yoke of oxen could not move, and a ship could scarcely carry.

Quod vix mille bourn possent juga cuncta movere,

Et quod vix potuit per mare ferre navis,

Buschetti nisu, quod erat mirabile visu,

Deria puellarum turba levavit onus.

Though Buschetto lived in the age of ignorance and hyperbole, yet he partly deserved this praise. His disciples were numerous, and he is regarded as the principal founder of the science of architecture in modem. Italy. 1