Delamet, Adrian Augustin De Bussi

, a learned doctor of the house and society of the Sorbonne, seigneur de Sevais in Maine, and prior of St. Martin de Brive-laGaillarde, was born in 1621, of an ancient and illustrious | family of Picardy. He was distinguished for learning and integr’ty; accompanied cardinal de Retz, to whom he was related, in his prosperity and his misfortunes, and settled afterwards ut the Sorbonne, where he earnestly devoted himself to deciding cases of conscience with his friend M. de S-iinte Beuve. He was a zealous director to several religious houses; was appointed to attend condemned criminals, and maintained and educated a great number of poor scholars. He died July 10, 1691, at the Sorbonne, aged 70. The greatest part of his decisions, and those of M. Fmrnageau, were collected 1732, 2 vols. fol. 1


Aloreri. -—Dict. Hist. L’Avocat’s Dict.