Does, Simon Vander

, brother to the preceding, was born at Amsterdam in 16.53. Having learned the art of painting from his father, and pursuing the same style and manner in the choice of the same subjects, he travelled to Friesland and to England, and afterwards settled at the Hague. Notwithstanding the difficulties in which the extravagance of a dissolute wife involved him, and the depression of circumstances and spirits which they occasioned, he persevered in the exercise of his profession. On some occasions he painted portraits, resembling in their touch and colouring those of the old Netscher; but though his works were much admired and sought after, he fell into great poverty, and died in 1717 at the age of 64 years. The works of this artist are peculiarly pleasing; and though his figures want elegance, and his colouring inclines to the yellow and light brown, yet his cattle are so correct, his touch so free and easy, his distances and the forms of his trees so agreeable, his colouring so transparent and delicate, and his pastoral subjects distinguished by so much nature and simplicity of rural life, that his works have been very highly esteemed, and have been sold for very large prices. This artist has etched some few small landscapes, with animals, from his own compositions. 2