Fothergill, George

, D. D. and principal of St. Edmund Hall in Oxford, was the eldest of seven sons of Henry and Elizabeth Fothergill. He was born on the last day of 1705, N. S. at Lockholme in Ravenstonedale, in the county of Westmorland, where the family had long been situated and possessed of a competent estate, which had descended from father to son for many generations. He received the first part of his education in the place of his nativity, at a free grammar school, founded and endowed by a person of the same name and family. He was afterwards removed to Kendal-school, and from thence, at sixteen years of age, to Queen’s college in Oxford; where he became fellow, and an eminent tutor. On Oct. 17, 1751, he was elected principal of St. Edmund hall, an.d presented to the vicarage of Bramley in Hampshire. After having been long afflicted with an asthma, he died Oct. 5, 1760, and was buried in the chapel of Edmund hall, at the north end of the communion-table; where his modesty forbade any monument to be erected to his memory. He was author of two volumes of sermons, in octavo. The first consists of occasional discourses published by himself; the | second was printed from his Mss. and published by his brother: both were reprinted in 1765. 1


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