Jones, John

, an old medical writer, was either born in Wales, or was of Welsh extraction; studied at both our universities, took a medical degree at Cambridge, and practised with great reputation at Bath, in Nottinghamshire, and Derbyshire. He mentions curing a person at Louth in 1562, and the date of his last publication is 1759.

His principal pieces are, “The Dial of Agues,1556The Benefit of the antient Bathes of Buckstone,1572; “The Bathes of Bath’s ayde,1572A brief, excellent, and profitable Discourse of the natural beginning of all growing and living things, &c.1574 perhaps this is taken from “Galen’s Four Books of Elements,” which he translated and printed the same year, or is the same book with another title; “The Art and Science of preserving the Body and Soul in Health,” &c. 1579, 4to. 2


Aikin’s Biog. Memoirs of Medicine, —Ath. Ox. vol. I.