Jussieu, Antony De

, an eminent botanist, was bornat Lyons in 1686. He cultivated, with so much success, a talent for natural history, which discovered itself in his earliest years, that, in 1712, he obtained a place in the academy of sciences. After traversing various parts of Europe, he settled in Paris, where he published various works on the most interesting parts of natural history. He published an. appendix to Tournefort, and methodized and abridged the work of Barrelier, on the plants of France, Spain, and Italy. He also practised physic, and was remarkable on all occasions for charity to the poor, to whom he not only gave advice, but alms. He nevertheless left behind him a very considerable fortune, of which his brother Bernard was the heir. He died of an apoplexy, at the age of seventy-two, in 1758. 2