Kahler, Wicand

, a learned and indefatigable German writer, and Lutheran divine, was born January 20, 1649, at Wolmar, in the landgraviate of HesseCassel. He was professor of poetry, mathematics, and divinity at Rinteln, and member of the society of Gottingen. | He died May 17, 1729, leaving two sons and four daughters. A great number of his “Dissertations” are collected in two volumes, printed at Rinteln, 1700, and 1711, under the title of “Dissertationes Juveniles;” the principal are, “De oceano ejusque proprietatibus et vario motu; De libertate Dei; De terra De reflexione luminis ejusque effectu De imputatione peccati alieni, et speciatim Adamici; De Poligamia,” &c. 1