Kuyp, Albert

, a very original artist, was born at Dort in 1606, and was the son of Jacob Gerritz Kuyp, a landscape painter of much merit, whom, however, he far surpassed in his progress. He was one of the most | agreeable painters that ever lived; imitating with the greatest perfection the purity and brilliancy of light. No artist ever represented the atmosphere which surrounds all objects more completely than Cuyp; not even Claude: and in the effect of sun-shine, none ever approached him. The simplest scenes and combinations of objects were sufficient for him to exert his talents upon; and he never failed to give an interest to them by the sweetness of his colour, and the beauty of his light and shade.

Little or nothing is known of his life. His works are numerous, and therefore he must have lived long; for they are of so highly finished a quality that he must have given much time to them. In the various collections among the nobility in England, works of his shine with almost unrivalled lustre; and are not very uncommon. At the marquis of Stafford’s is a very fine one of the landing of prince Maurice at Dort. There are also several others of great merit. 1


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