Lemos, Thomas De

, a celebrated Spanish Dominican, was born about 1550, of an illustrious family at Rivadavia, in Gallicia. He defended so forcibly the doctrine of the Thomists, on grace, in opposition to the opinions of Molina, that he was sent with Alvarez, by the general chapter of his order, held at Naples, 1600, to support this doctrine against the Jesuits at Rome, and excited the famous disputes held in the congregations de Auxiliis, assembled in that city under pope Clement VIII. and Paul V. in which he had the principal part. This made him so celebrated, that the king of Spain offered him a bishopric; but he refused it, being contented with a pension, and died at Rome, August 23, 1629, aged eighty-four, in the convent de la Minerve. He lost his sight three years before. Many of his writings on the subject of grace remain, composed during the congregation de Auxiliis; and a very minute journal of what passed there, printed at Kheims, under the name of Louvain, 1702, fol. He also compiled a large work, entitled “Panoplia Gratise,” 2 vols. fol. printed at Beziers, under the name of Leige, 1676. 2