Massac, John Baptist

, an excellent Frencn miniature painter, was horn at Paris in December 1687, and died in September 1767. He preserved his liveliness and gaiety to his death. His religion was that of the protestant communion, but so averse was he to the interference of any principle but fair conversion, that he dismissed a Roman catholic servant who had long served him faithfully, because he wished to change his religion to please him. Being questioned about his mode of thinking, he answered, “I serve God, and 1 feel myself so free, as to depend on nothing upon earth except my own exertions.” The collection of prints from the great gallery and other apartments at Versailles, were copied from the originals of Le Brun, by Massac, and engraved by the best artists under his inspection. 2


Dict. Hist.—Sirutt’s Dictionary.