Nicolaus, Damascenus

, a native of Damascus, in Syria, who flourished in the time of Augustus, was a man of extensive learning, and an illustrious ornament of the Peripatetic school. Herod the Great made choice of him for his preceptor in philosophy; and when he sailed to Rome for the purpose of visiting the emperor, took him as his companion in the voyage. Afterwards that prince prosecuted historical learning under Nicolaus, who at his request undertook to write a Universal History, and being introduced by Herod to Augustus, he was admitted to his intimate friendship, and received from him many valuable tokens of regard. The integrity and generosity of his spirit, and the urbanity of his manners, obtained him universal respect. Nicolaus wrote several treatises on the philosophy of Aristotle; “A Dissertation on the manners of various Nations;” Memoirs of Augustus;“and his own” Life.“Of these some fragments are preserved by Valesius, and a complete edition was published in 1804, by J. C. Orellius, under the title” Nicolai Damasceni Historiarum excerpta et fragmenta qua; supersunt, Gr. Lat." 8vo. 2


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