Osorio, Jehome

, nephew to the preceding, was canon of Evora; and, having been educated by his uncle, endeavoured to imitate his style; but not with much success; yet some are of opinion he had more learning. He is author of the following works, besides his uncle’s “Life:” 1. “Notationes in Hieronymi Osorii Paraphrasin Psalmorum,” subjoined to his uncle’s “Paraphrase,” in the third volume of’his works. Du Pin says, these “Remarks” are valuable, and filled with critical observations on the Hebrew language. 2. “Paraphrasis et Comrnentaria ad Ecclesiasten nunc primum edita.” 3. “Paraphrasis in Canticum Canticorum,” Lugd. 1611, 4to. 1


Chaufepie, Antonio Bibl. Hisp.