Poupart, Francis

, a celebrated anatomist and physician, was born at Mans, and after receiving some education under the fathers of oratory, went to Paris, where he applied himself, with great assiduity, to natural history and philosophy. In the study of the former he had been led to the examination and dissection of insects, which turned his mind to anatomy and surgery, as the means of support for which purpose he presented himself at the Hotel Dieu, and passed his examinations with great applause, which occasioned the more surprise, as he avowed that he had had no opportunity of obtaining practical information, and knew no more of surgery than to let blood. He subsequently received the degree of doctor in medicine at Rheims, in 1699, and was admitted a member of the Academy of Sciences. He did not long survive to receive the rewards of his industry; for he died at Paris, in October 1708, in a state of considerable poverty, which he supported with cheerfulness. His success in anatomical investigation may be estimated from the transmission of his name, attached to an important ligament. The Memoirs of the Academy comprize many of his papers, besides a “Dissertation sur la Sangue,” published in the Journal des Savans viz. a “Me*moire sur les Insectes Hermaphrodites” “L’Histoire du Formica Leo” that of the “Forrnica Pulex” “Observations sur les Monies;” “Dissertation sur PApparition des Esprits,” on the occasion of the adventure of St. Maur, and some other papers. He is also considered as the editor of a “Chirurgie complette,” which is a compilation from many works upon that art. 1

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