Ravenet, Simon Francis

, an engraver, was a native of France, but came to England about 1750, and | settled in London. In the latter part of his life he resided at Mother lied Cap’s, near Kentish Town, where he died in 1774. He was of an amiable disposition and much respected, and had the honour of instructing both Ryland and Hall in the art of engraving.

The shadows in his engravings are deep toned, and his style both of drawing and engraving vigorous, though somewhat mannered. Beside what he produced after Hogarth, the following are esteemed among his best prints: “The Prodigal Son,” (a large upright) from Sal. Rosa; “Lucretia deploring her Misfortune,” from A. Casali “The Manifestation of the Innocence of the Princess Gunhelda,” (its companion) from the same; “The Death of Seneca,” (a large plate) from Lucca Giordano; “The Arcadian Shepherds,” from N. Poussin; “The portrait of Lord Camden,” from sir Joshua Reynolds. He is also the author of a considerable number of vignettes, book plates, and small portraits. 1


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