Sacchini, Francis

, a celebrated Jesuit, was born in 1570, in the diocese of Perugia. He was professor of rhetoric at Rome during several years, and secretary to his general, Vitelleschi, seven years. He died December 26, 1625, aged 55. His principal works are, “A Continuation of the History of the Jesuits* Society,” begun by Orlandino. Of this Sacchini wrote the 2d, 3d, 4th, and 5th parts or volumes, fol. 1620 1661. An addition to the fifth part was made by Jouvency, and the whole completed by Julius Cordara. Perfect copies are very rarely to be met with. Sacchini was also the author of a small book judiciously written and much esteemed, entitled “De ratione Libros cum profectu legendi,” 12mo, at the end of which is a discourse, “De vitanda Librorum moribus noxiorum lectione,” which father Sacchini delivered at Rome in his rhetorical school in 1603. 2


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