Sluse, Rene' Francis Walter

, a mathematician, was born in 1620, at Vise, a small town in the county of Liege. He became abbe of Amas, canon, councillor, and chancellor of Liege, and made his name famous for his knowledge in theology, physics, and mathematics. The Royal Society of London elected him one of their members, and inserted several of his compositions in their Transactions. This very ingenious and learned man died at Liege in 1683, at the age of sixty-three. Of his works there have been published, some learned letters, | and a work entitled “Mesolabium et Problemata solida;” besides the following pieces in the Philosophical Transactions: viz. I. Short and easy Method of drawing Tangents to all Geometrical Curves; vol. VII. p. 5143. 2. Demonstration of the same; vol. VIII. pp. 6059, 6119. 3. On the Optic Angle of Alhaz, n vol. VIII. p. 6139. 1


Hutton’s Dict. Montucla Hist, de Mathematiqucs.