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Mus. D. was brought up in the king’s chapel, and took his degree

, Mus. D. was brought up in the kings chapel, and took his degree of doctor of music at Cambridge at the time of the Installation of theduke of Grafton as chancellor of that university. Dr. Howard had studied much under Dr. Pepusch at the Charter-house, and was well acquainted with the mechanical rules of counterpoint. His overture in the “Amorous Goddess,” a happy imitation of Handel’s overture in “Alcina,” particularly the musette and minuet, was very popular in the theatres and public gardens. But his ballads, which were long the delight of natural and inexperienced lovers of music, had the merit of facility; for this honest Englishman preferred the style of his own country to that of any other so mnch, that he never staggered in his belief of its being the best in the world, by listening to foreign artists or their productions, for whom and for which he had an invincible aversion.