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a French cure at Paris, and afterwards abbe of St. Nicholas de

, a French cure at Paris, and afterwards abbe of St. Nicholas de Verdun, of which he took possession in 1674, devoted the principal part of his life to grammatical studies, and produced some works which at that time were important to the literature of his country, His first publication appeared under the title of “Radices Lingute Latinae,” 8vo, a work somewhat incorrectly printed, which was followed by his two Dictionaries, both in 4to, French and Latin, and Latin and French, in which the Latin part was considered as best executed. Although both have been supplanted by works more ample and accurate, they could not fail at that time of facilitating the study of the Latin among his countrymen. He published also, “Dictionarium antiquitatum Romanarum et Grsecarum,” for the use of the dauphin, Paris, 1698 and 1701, 4to, and published in English at London in 1700. Danet being one of the scholars appointed as editors of the Delphin classics, produced the Phsedrus, which, although it has been often printed, is reckoned inferior to the subsequent editions. He died at Paris in 1701). His contemporary Baillet has spoken with great candour of all his publications.