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a biographical compiler, was the son of a tradesman at Salisbury,

, a biographical compiler, was the son of a tradesman at Salisbury, who probably was a dissenter. He was born in that city in 1720, and received his education at an academy kept at Taunton by messrs. Grove and Amory, men of learning and note, as dissenting teachers. An early love of books, and a thirst for knowledge, rendered application easy and profitable; and he was thought qualified to preach before he was nineteen years of age. He first officiated to a congregation at St. Loo, in Cornwall, and was afterwards invited to another in the city of Wells, where he was ordained in 1741. Within a few years, his marriage to a Miss Bovet of Honiton, occasioned his removal to that town; and his ministerial labours for the rest of his life, were confined to a very small congregation at Luppit, in the neighbourhood. To what denomination of dissenters he belonged we are not told. The strain of his discourses is said to have been plain and practical, but none of them have been published, and he appears to have soon courted fame in a different pursuit.