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a celebrated genealogist, was born in 1692, at Saulx le Due in

, a celebrated genealogist, was born in 1692, at Saulx le Due in Burgundy. He studied at Dijon and Paris, and at the latter city he was entrusted with the education of some young men of rank. His general turn for history settled at last in the genealogical branch, and -he employed all his leisure in drawing up genealogical tables. From 1736 to 1738 he published a work entitled “Genealogies Historiques des Hois, des Empereurs, et de toutes les Maisons Souveraignes,” 4 vols. 4to. He also published “Tablettes Geographiques,1725, 12mo; “Tablettes Historiques, Genealogiques, et Chronologiques,1748, &c. 9 vols. 24to and “Tablettes de Themis,1755, 12mo. He supplied many articles for the Supplement of Moreri of the edition of 1749, and during his latter years re-wrote the genealogical part of that dictionary, and of the Mercure. He died Dec. 29, 1755, after having been deprived of his sight for the three preceding years.