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a geographer of considerable note, was born at Delft in Holland,

, a geographer of considerable note, was born at Delft in Holland, February 14, 1533, After applying to his studies with much assiduity, he was ordained priest in 1561, and was director of the nuns of St. Barbara until the civil wars obliged him to take refuge first at Mecklin, then at Maestricht, and lastly at Cologne, where he died, June 20, 1585. He published “Vita Jesu Christi, ex quatuor evangelistis breviter contexta,” Antwerp, 1578, 12mo; but the work for which he is best known is his “Theatrum Terra; Sanctse,” or, history of the Holy Land, illustrated with maps, and printed in 1590, 1595, 1600, 1628, and 1682, foL; a proof of the esteem in which it was long held, although his authorities are thought to be sometimes exceptionable. The second part, which contains a description of Jerusalem, was printed by the author in 1584, and was reprinted after his death in 1588, and 1592, 8vo. He sometimes took the name of Christianus Crucius, in allusion to his banishment and sufferings.