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a learned Augustin, was born at Toulouse in 1670; and at Rome,

, a learned Augustin, was born at Toulouse in 1670; and at Rome, whither he was sent for by cardinal Norris in 1695, he became distinguished by his learning and piety. He was employed by pope Clement XI. in several matters of importance, and particularly in the examination of the Gregorian calendar. Bonjour had also the superintendence of the seminary established by cardinal Barbarigo at Montefiascone, and denominated the academy of sacred letters. He was acquainted with almost all the oriental tongues, and especially with the Coptic, or ancient Egyptian. Actuated by a zeal for acquiring knowledge, and for propagating the gospel, he visited China, where he died in February 1714, whilst he was employed in forming a map of that empire, which he undertook to conciliate the favour of the emperor, and thereby promote the objects of his mission. He published, 1. “Dissertatio de nomine patriarch! Joseph! a Pharaone imposito, in defensionem vulgatoe editionis, et patrum qui Josephum in Serapide adumbratuni tradiderunt,” &c. Rome, 1696, fol. 2. “Select dissertationes in Sac. Scripturam,” Rome, 1705, fol. which prove his acquaintance with the oriental languages, and with ancient history and chronology. 3. “In monumenta Coptica, seu Ægyptiacæ bibliothecæ Vatican brevis exercitatio,” ibid. 1699, fol. 4. “Calendarium Romanum chronologorum causa constructum, &c.” ibid. 1701.